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Open media in modal The Yeshua Spirit crewneck sweatshirt in brown by NHIM Apparel Christian clothing brand. He came to heal us, deliver us, and make us whole. Open media in modal Open media in modal 1 3


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Product Description

The Yeshua Collection

Yeshua (which means to save and deliver) is the literal Hebrew/Aramaic name of Jesus. Yeshua was the visible image of an invisible God (Col. 1:15)

  • Color: Brown
  • Made in the USA
  • Fit: Relaxed, unisex, for a loose fit - size up!
  • Fabric: 50% cotton, 50% polyester 
  • Care: Standard wash, like colors

Size Specs: 








Body Width (Inches)


22" 24" 26"



Body Length (Inches)




30" 31"




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NHIM is for everyone

For the Least

In a world of influencers and celebrities it is easy to be deceived into believing that your value is determined by how many people show you value.

We disagree with this measurement.

The revelation of your worth and value isn't determined by followers, likes, or even what your friends and family say about you. Your value was determined once and for all when the God of the universe gave up His life to die for you on a cross two thousand years ago in Israel.

If God says you're worth everything to Him then it doesn't really matter what anyone else says, all other opinions are rendered insignificant.

This truth will set you free.

Jesus alone determines your worth and value. So if the world treats you as the least of all, know that to God you are worth everything and that NHIM Apparel is for you.

For the Un-Famous

We are influenced not by those who want to be the greatest, but by those who are willing to become the least for the sake of the Greatest: the One and Only Yeshua.

We believe that the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven is the one who is willing to become the servant of all.

We celebrate when God places public favor on someone for great influence and we are not talking about waging war against people. That is not our battle.

We do, however, stand in direct opposition to the evil idea corrupting the world that fame and celebrity are goals that should be pursued as a means of identity and value.

Whoever gains the whole world and loses their soul profits nothing. But whoever is willing to lose their life for the sake of Jesus will find it.

Motive matters. The heart matters. Purity over popularity.

At NHIM Apparel we celebrate the pursuit of a life that has found true purpose and identity in Christ alone and is liberated from the deception of "Christian Celebrity."

True beauty doesn't demand an audience. If you feel hidden, living a quiet life of obedience and faithfulness to the things Jesus has placed before you, then we see you as great and NHIM is for you.

And equally, if Jesus gives you great public influence as you pursue Him faithfully, NHIM is for you. We pray you use it well.

But many who are the greatest now will be least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then. - Jesus

For the Broken

I once was lost but now I'm found. I was blind but now I see.

Jesus didn't come for those that thought they had no need for help, He came for the sick, the lost, the broken.

At NHIM we have many different stories of how we were lost and broken until we encountered the One that changed everything, and now our past is His-tory.

We are walking testimonies of the goodness and faithfulness of God. Together we are the church, a mosaic being put together to make one beautiful masterpiece.

If you are lost, confused, angry, hurt, desperate, drowning, dying, trapped, bound, weary, reckless, enslaved, empty or just wandering and wondering - then NHIM is for you.

We exist to destroy the work of the devil and seek and save that which has been lost: your purpose an your identity in Him (NHIM).

We have seen God do countless miracles and would love nothing less than to see you step out of darkness and into light by the power of God's perfect love. We would love to pray with you and agree with what God is doing in your life. Jesus came to set you free and we are living proof of His miraculous power.

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