Stepping off that bus

The moment we stepped off the bus in this small village of Ibrahimpatnam, India was surreal. Knowing we were seconds from meeting the faces of these beautiful children was breathtaking. I remember seeing the small church that our home for orphans was built on top of. It wasn't like any church I've seen in America. It was about the size of a small, 1 car garage, made poorly out of cement & metal rods. Definitely nothing special to look at, and almost unfinished looking. But it was a lighthouse. The ONLY Christian church in this small, remote, Hindu farming village. The church sits right on the outskirts of the town. For 20 years, this female pastor has been tirelessly doing the work of God, trying to reach a village on her own --- really like the work of a missionary. And she took in these precious kids who were just living on the streets of this poor town, to care for them and love on them. But she had no beds to give them, or clothes or much of anything, other than some basic needs and her love. I'm so thankful that we -- BECAUSE OF YOU supporting this brand πŸ’™-- were able to help her and these sweet kids - to build them a home on top of this church with their own beds, 2 bathrooms, a living space, a kitchen area, a courtyard and more. ❀️ God is a provider. He makes a way when there is no way. And when we decide to help others who have no voice and no means of help, God really steps in. Because that's His love language. He desires for us to put others before ourselves and take care of the down-and-outers. To love on the lost. To take care of orphans and widows. So today, push yourself outside yourself. Be a person who's a difference maker. Do something, it can be super small, just to help or bless someone. Because in the eyes of God, you will be doing something EPIC. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™


  • Jerry Gallegos

    Last weekend when we exchanged a garment, you prayed with my wife and me. It was quite inspirational knowing there are individuals like you who are open to prayer in public places. Your mission to help others is awesome. God Bless you and your wife!

  • Toni

    I am so blessed to have met and worshipped with you. As I am taking on this journey of travel nursing, I have brought some of your decals and bracelets to share the story of NHIM with others. You inspire me to want to share faith and encouragement with total strangers. Your story has impacted mine and many others. Keep it up! Love, Toni

  • Mark Reynolds

    Thank you, Matt and Diane, for listening to Him, honoring Him, and loving Him in such the perfect way. Your obedience, compassion, and reflection of His perfect love, has allowed this NHIM movement to explode into miracles. I love you both, you inspire me. More to follow…

    Mark & Kristina Reynolds

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