Current ministry location: Los Angeles

Where do we even begin?!? The past 18 days have been nothing short of miraculous to see God move and breathe on our West Coast Missions Tour! We are genuinely in awe of the goodness and kindness of God as He ministers to those we meet. Some of the most impactful things we’ve been a part of was teaming up with the Dream Center L.A. for outreach ministry. What an incredible ministry! We’ve fed the homeless together, served in the kitchen, donated supplies to the poor, hit the streets to evangelize, prayed for strangers who became friends, given away tons of clothing, and even witnessed a miracle.

We met a man in a wheelchair who needed healing. We asked him if he knew Jesus and if his sins were forgiven. We prayed over his knees for complete healing. He stood up from his wheelchair and began walking and pushing his own wheelchair. For blocks we kept watching him walk. What a miracle! God is good.

When God breathes on something, you can feel it. The minute we left Redding to start this adventure as a family, we knew we were putting our roots down in a completely unfamiliar way. When I think of roots, I think of a tree planted in one location, with its roots growing down deep. But in this depiction, I see the ground and the land is actually God himself. God is calling each and every one of us to plant our roots deep NHIM. To trust Him on new levels — with everything we have and with everything we do. And that’s exactly what this trip has been for us. We’ve asked Jesus each day to direct our steps to those who need Him most, and we’ve seen Him show up in the miraculous over and over again.

This is just the beginning of our North American Tour, but we need your help!  100% of your donations go towards this cause.  Please consider supporting us and donating to our cause.  $10, $50, $100 or any amount you feel directed to give is appreciated. Your support  and prayers mean the world to us and to those we impact. 

Matt & Diane (and the kids)

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