Looking past the turbulence

The other night we were in the middle of watching a movie when a scene takes me fully back to a terrifying experience we had on our way to India, to open an NHiM home for children. In the movie, these people were in a plane and began experiencing severe turbulence that came out of nowhere & was unexpected.  People flew out of their seats and hit the ceiling.

Well, the EXACT same thing happened to us on the plane.  We were 3 hours into our 12 hour flight to Doha. From there we'd take another long flight to India.  Everyone was either watching a movie or relaxing, even starting to fall asleep, when out of nowhere the plane drops.  Not a little drop, but a massive dip down.  At least half the people on the plane flew up out of their seats and hit the ceiling, children included. 

After that there was about 15 minutes of the plane shaking badly, the tail swaying back and forth and people screaming at the top of their lungs and praying to either Jesus or Allah (for the most part). <<This is NO exaggeration>> I also was praying aloud for God's protection over this plane and over the people -- that he'd send an army of angels to calm the plane and steer it to safety and that His hand would be upon us.

But while I was praying, I couldn't help thinking that this could be it.  The end.  And all I could think of was the faces of our 3 sweet little girls and how much I didn't want to leave them.  I thought, "We're headed to open an orphanage but our own children are going to be orphans." And though I know that wasn't the truth, and that there would be plenty of people to love on them and care for them, I couldn't erase that thought from my mind. 

Those 15 minutes felt like forever, but God kept whispering to me to trust Him.  Eventually, the pilot came on and said we were going to land on some very small, remote military-owned island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (which didn't show up on that digital map on the seat in front of you). We landed and everyone cheered and practically kissed the ground. 

But in that moment, I realized I'd experienced a miracle.  I -- and all those passengers -- could've become a statistic of the rare plane crashes that happen on international flights over the ocean.  We could've died that day.  But God said, "No, I'm not done with you yet. I still have a purpose for you here."

This might be an extreme example of experiencing His goodness and His daily miracles, but why don't we all try to pause and notice all the small miracles around us.  Look for them in the people and family God has placed around you, that care about you.  See them in the fact that you woke up and have all your basic needs covered.  Look for these miracles & blessings, and thank Him when you find them. 

And if you're doubting God will come through in an area of your life, pray over it and don't give up.  He is, after all, the God of miracles.

““I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah ‭32:27‬

{Devo by Diane Allen, co-founder of NHiM Apparel}

The first picture below is of the island of Azores which we landed on, within their village.  The following are photos of us with the sweet kids at the home we provided for them, through NHiM.


  • Mixcrisy

    Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France :)

  • Munky..

    Dudessss!!! This is so dope,bros!!! By his glorious grace!!! yous guys landed safely and met the locals and the lil’dudes, Had a blast & what not… meanwhile everyone else had pretty much given up? And accepted their fate no matter the outcome? You,ma’am stuck to your guns and still praised HIM in the midst of it all!! Thank you, dude for that inspirational Boost for today … this is an awesome testimony & Praise to Big’dude up in the stars!! #JC #BETHEWITNESS #SHOUTPRAISE ….

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