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Thank you to all our customers and friends who have taken a moment to recently share about the impact that NHiM has had on their lives.  Here are some of the stories for you to read.  Praise God for how He is moving in so many lives that have come in contact with our brand and ministry.  Keep sending the stories our way!


Testimonial by Morgan S. --

"My story isn’t long or profound, but rather simple and concise. for many years i struggled with “what’s next...” whether that be about an audition, choosing between colleges, relationships, friendships, and even down to what i wanted for dinner tomorrow. i had a plan for everything, and initially the plans were good. i found my way into a beautiful music program in undergrad and was preparing to pursue a career in opera. but God... after a rejection from my dream university, seemingly out of the blue, i was stuck. every plan i had made crumbled... they were no longer “good.” then, one day as i was scrolling through IG i saw an ad for NHiM‘s “God is Good” hoodie and i couldn’t stop seeing it everywhere, thinking about it all the time: “if God is so good, why does this feel so bad? why didn’t my good plans come through?” After a week or so of searching for answers, i found them at the altar. God is good, so therefore His plan is also good........ and my plans were not His. i had created a whole future for myself and expected God to just sign off on it, when God isn’t just waiting to approve of what i think is good, He has written an entire love story and cast me as the lead and is just waiting on me to pick up the script and start fulfilling His Will for my life. so now and forever, i wake up and remind myself “God is good... so all that He does, all that happens, is eventually going to amount to goodness whether i feel like it or not.” And that comfy hoodie is a daily reminder when i wear it or just see it in my closet that GOD IS GOOD."


Testimonial by Denise N. --

"Hello! I’ve shared this story with a few of my loved ones and have cried each time. I’m thankful to now be able to share it with you. I was visiting friends in Colorado in the fall of 2018. I was completely heart broken because our daughter had fallen so far from the Lord. She was completely lost to us and we had done everything we knew to do. As a mom, I was completely devastated by the choices she was making. I lived my days in heartache and could hardly function. I went in to your store and purchased items for our family. As I was paying for my purchase, a young man (oh how I wish I could remember his name!!!) asked if he could pray for anything for me. I choked up and told him no. He asked again. I felt like I was going to start crying, so grabbed my purchase and tried to hurry and leave. The young man came from behind the counter and reached out to me and asked if I was sure he couldn’t pray for me. I finally barely squeaked out “You could pray for my daughter.” I don’t remember his exact prayer but I remember he finished and looked me right in the eyes and said “You need to know that your daughter will come to Christ and she will speak to rooms full of women sharing her testimony!” I have to be honest, nothing could be further from the truth at that moment in her life. My daughter turned to Christ 5 months later and is now entering her senior year, majoring in Biblical Studies! She’s whole heartedly pursuit Christ with everything she is. And yes. she shares her testimony to rooms full of women. As I write this, I have a huge lump in my throat. I wish I could thank the young man who shared his words of hope with me. He gave me hope when I felt all hope was lost. I’m forever grateful."

Testimonial by Corinne M. --

"We were members of Crossroads Community Church in Parker, Co from 2014-2016 as my husband was stationed in Denver. After an amazing concert of Praise and Worship songs by the founder of NHIM I purchased their v neck T shirt that said He knows the Plan And I Don't Have to. At the time I was actively starving to death from a undiagnosed rare disease that paralyzed my esophagus. I could not even swallow my own saliva and was in a children's size 10 clothes at the time. I found the smallest shirt they had, and layered it over others and wore it all the time. On my worst days I always looked down at the Message to remind myself God Had a Plan and I did not have to know what it was, that regardless of what was causing my illness I was in God's hands. We have since moved back East to be near John's Hopkins and Family and I was subsequently diagnosed with Achalasia. It is rare, incurable, progressive and palliative care only disease but with frequent surgeries and interventions to help me be able to eat, I know God has a great life in store for me along with my husband and amazing kids, age 7, 9 and 11. I wore the shirt to all my frequent surgeries until it did not fit anymore but still to this day pack it in my hospital bags to remind me of where I was and how far I have come. You can not imagine how much strength I got from that shirt! I did not need to know God's plan and I still do not! He knows my Plan! Now, as I am in normal size woman's clothes It is still my favorite inspirational shirt but I am saving it for my young girls to wear for when they need to hear the same message. God Bless!"


Testimonial by Zaid --

"The NHIM “God With Us” collection hits home for me. As a child, I grew up in a physically abusive household. My family went to a Catholic Church a handful of times, but I never really understood who God really was or represented. I just knew at the time that there was no one looking out for me except for myself. I lived life for many years thinking that this is as good as it is going to get. I met my high school sweetheart, went on to college, and got a great job. What many didn’t know is that I also lived life always being money hungry, selfish, angry, and never happy for what I already had. Up until 2017, a great friend invited my fiancé and I to his brother’s Sunday Service. I went to church very close minded, thinking that first day in service “There is a God, but I have what I have because of me, myself, and I.” Slowly but surely, it intrigued the both of us more and more getting to know who God was. In 2018, my fiancé went through some hard times not only mentally, but also physically. She got so sick that she had to learn how to walk again. Eventually anxiety and depression made their way into our lives. To make matters worse we faced financial issues. I would ask myself, “Why us?” I felt helpless. The only thing that would come to mind at the time was to PRAY. Not only did I pray for guidance, but I also prayed to thank him for keeping my fiancé alive. That year I learned many lessons around patience, love, and accepting that life is not all about having many possessions or having the nicest things. Fast forward to 2019, my fiancé was walking again, our finances improved, but most importantly our attitudes and outlook of how we lived our lives going forward changed. My fiancé took the next step in her walk with god by getting baptized. After witnessing how much God has changed her life a full 360, has made me want that exact same thing. I’ve been wanting to take that next step for the past year, but what kept me from moving forward is fear. The fear of “Am I good enough or deserving of Gods unconditional love” or “What happens after.” As we near our next step in our life together of getting married and starting a family I can say now that I am here today ready to continue my walk with God. Although there will always be trials and tribulations, I know that God’s will always be with me."


Testimonial by Paige S. --

"In the summer of 2019 I was at park meadows mall with some friends and they took me to a store called Nhim. I asked them more about it and what the name meant. They explained to me that it was a Christian clothing store and they shared with me your mission. I was so excited to be in a mall and go to a Christian store with uplifting and meaningful apparel. I walked in and it was a powerful experience, Christian music was playing, there was a tv with a screen sharing about the brand, mission, and outreaches, and the employees were so so friendly and welcoming. When I was ready to checkout the cashier asked me if she could pray for me or if there was anything specific that I needed prayer for. I was taken aback and started to tear up. At that point I had been battling Chronic Lyme Disease for 7 years and was feeling so discouraged and worn out, I had just received some bad news that another doctor could no longer treat me because they tried every option they could think of to help cure the disease or at least manage the symptoms. Right there at that moment it felt like a divine appointment. She grabbed my hands and starting praying for me, I was so overcome with emotion that a stranger would care enough to take the time and pray for me. As I write this I am happy to say I found a great doctor and he thinks I will be better within the year. Praise Jesus! Nhim gave me hope and encouraged me in so many ways. Thank you!"


Testimonial by Kameron M. --

"When I first found the NHim apparel I came across a yellow crewneck that said Yeshua with Jesus face in like green. I had recently did a study about all of the names that He has. I was listening to John Wilds-Yeshua(My Beloved is the Most Beautiful) and I just began to dance around my room. Singing all the things that He is to me. His names. Wonderful. Counselor. Yahweh. Elohim. Redeemer. Prince of Peace. Refiner. Creator. Author. Finisher. I Am. I reminisced on when I was in the darkest of my valley. I had allowed the devil to use my past to keep me prisoner to a lie for sooo long. I got lost in the world of addiction using to escape what I believed to be the most tragic reality. But Jesus. My Yeshua, He never left me. He pursued my heart because of how much He loves me. And He spoke names over me. 'Child of God', 'Worthy', 'Fearfully and Wonderfully Made', 'Beautiful', 'Mine'. I became all of those things once I believed and began to have a relationship with Him. So, because of Him calling out my name to bring me to Him, I am in awe of ALL of His names and I sing them out at the top of my lungs to let Him know...Your child came home and is never going back. Thank you Jesus. Yeshua."


Testimonial by Lauren P. --

"God moved so much the day I went in to NHim for the first time 3 years ago. I was excited to get new Purda Vida bracelets, and a sticker for my new car. Since moving to colorado God has held tightly to my hand, as my journey has been about perseverance and keeping my eyes in Him. The purchases I made were wonderful as always, but it was what happened after I purchased my items that filled me. The gentleman behind the counter asked if there was anything that I wanted to pray about. I said yes. Recently going through divorce and loosing everything but my faith and my children, I was heartbroken and on a path that brought me so much anxiety. I turned around and asked if anyone else in the store wanted to pray about anything. There must have been ten people holding hands with me and the gentleman. It was everyone in house. We prayed together and over one another; not a dry eye in sight. It was a day with beauty for ashes. Brothers and sisters, strangers, coming together to lift one another up as God always intended. So often, when we are alone, we realize that satan gets that extra opportunity to nip at our heals, and try to steal our joy. It is truly because we were not made to be alone. No man never was, or will be an island. Our Father and creator delights in loving and blessing us so we may go out into the world and spread His delightful love like wild fire."


Testimonial by Camey --

"NHiM was my very first Christian apparel purchase. I've grown up in a Christian household but never fully understood Christ until the summer of 8th grade when I attended my church's summer camp. Since then, I've tried my best to live as Jesus would. I'm not perfect and I've run into bumps along the road but eventually, I discovered Christian apparel. Wearing your brand gives me the chance to minister to people who ask about what my shirt, jacket, or clothing means or says. I'm able to express my faith and be bold while wearing your apparel. Just wearing a shirt or jacket with scripture or something biblical speaks volumes without saying a word. I value and appreciate everything NHiM does and stands for and I look forward to what God has planned for this company. God bless."


Testimonial by Abigail K. --

"Last year at the beginning of the pandemic, my husband and I found out that we lost our first baby to miscarriage. It was a difficult and dark time for me. During that time of grieving I came across the God is Good shirt on NHIM’s website and was reminded that God is still good even when my circumstances might not be. I bought the shirt and asked for prayer as we were trying to start a family. A few days later I received an email with a prayer in it that could have only been inspired by the Holy Spirit. It was so specific to my needs and my heart at the time. A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant again with a healthy baby boy. That baby is now 3 months old. His name is Samuel which means “God heard my prayer” because I truly believe God answered the prayer in that email. I am so thank for for your ministry and how it has impacted our family."


Testimonial by Kylie R. --

"About 2 years ago I tried to take my life and I was depressed and was in a really bad place in my life, not even a week after I tried I went into the nhim store at park meadows and I broke down in tears when they asked if I needed prayer and they prayed with me and it will forever impact me and my story. I also have a God is good hoodie as a reminder that he is good and all the good things he has done in my life!!! Thank you for all you do, Why it may save someone’s life like it did mine because after leaving I didn’t want to take a handful of pills and die, you all made me feel loved and valued again!!!!"


There are many, many more stories that have been shared with us, but we wanted to take a minute to share some that truly moved our hearts!  We cannot help but worship the Father knowing that lives have been impacted, changed and forever marked by each person encountering Jesus in a way that blessed them most.  God is good, all the time.  

-Diane Allen, NHiM Co-Founder


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