Only in Jesus

“In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:4-5 (NIV)
Monday Dig Deeper with NHiM ~
Only in Jesus can a person have true life. Anything apart from living a life in Him is a false reality of joy and true living. The person living on their own with out trusting in God can find happiness, but it will be fleeting. That person can do good things for others out of their own moral will and feel good about themselves, but the motivation will come from a surface level and may not last. That person can try to be a good person each day, but the reason for doing so will not have a strong conviction, nor be led by the Holy Spirit and definitely will not be rooted from an eternal perspective. Which is why a life without God is empty because it is based purely on a person’s own desires and self-motivations. And we know that we as people, without God, are just plain weak.

But take Jesus – the light of all mankind, the savior of the world, the final sacrifice for our sins. HE is the one who gives life, and joy, and a reason to wake up each day. The word says that darkness cannot overcome or EXTINGUISH His light. Picture walking into a completely dark room with a candle. Does the darkness put out the light from the candle or does the light diffuse the darkness?? When you turn on a light switch in a dark room it is instantly bright. Shine a flood light outside in the middle of the night and you can see everything – it is no longer dark in that area. That is what Jesus does to darkness – to the evil in this world. And what’s incredible is that every time you or I walk into a room, go to work, see our friends, or go to class, we are bringing that same light – the light of Jesus – into that place. And if we let our light burn brightly, we will bring truth with us, joy, and the ability to snuff out the darkness. There is power inside of each of us to affect a person or a group of people every place we go. It’s not something to forget or to take lightly – it’s a commission. We are to be the light of Jesus. We are to shine like a city of a hill. We are to be the salt that doesn’t lose it’s saltiness.

So today, as you live, move & exist in Him, don’t forget the light and the Presence you carry inside of you as you go out.  #nhim #bethelight #digdeeperNHiM#MondayMotivation

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