From the Author

Dear Friends,

I hope that as you read this book God speaks to you. I know that nothing can change a life like the word of God, the Bible, so use this book as an accompaniment to your own time with Him. 

I pray that you find Him to be sweeter than you've ever known. His presence to be richer than you could possibly imagine. And His promises for your life to reverberate within depths of your soul. 

May you be reminded of who He is and that you are surrounded by people who believe in His best for your life, those who love your dearly. 

Relax. Breathe. Just Be, my precious friend. 

With much love and friendship,

Jamie Klusacek

From the Back Cover

Here's the heart of this book: it's not your occupation or station in life that de nes you, it's who you are and what you are becoming that counts before God. It's staying true to who God made YOU to be and allowing Him to shape you on the inside, no matter what the season. Our circumstances will change, opportunities will come and go, but if we can manage to Just Be no matter where we are, no matter what comes our way--to Just Be the person on the inside that God wants us to be--the game will change, freedom will come, and EVERY promise of God will fall into place. is book is about character. It's about breathing deeply. It's about release and trust and enjoying the God who made you for this journey called life. is isn't a list of "must-do's" that you need to accomplish this month. at would totally negate the purpose of this book. Rather, it is about the character traits God can work in you in every season, over time. I hope this helps you on the path before you. I'm so excited to start this journey with you. Now breathe deeply, friend. Take another breath, relax, and trust God. Let's make some memories!