Our Mission

 At NHiM, we put value in creating high-quality clothing and pushing the envelope on creativity & design. Our products range from our own unique and premium t-shirts, casual clothing, fashion tops, hats, accessories, jewelry, signs and more. We feel our clothing gives others a vehicle to share their faith in a simple way — through fashion.  These tees create casual conversations that can turn into a powerful exchange of faith.  As a company, we fully realize the power of prayer, and we pray for our customers in each store. We’ve seen God use our prayers to revive faith, do the miraculous & allow others to feel cared for & be affirmed that they matter. Today the brand is continuing to grow and will be opening more brick & mortar locations throughout the U.S.

NHiM ~ “In Him we live & move & exist.” Acts 17:28.  

More than a brand.  A movement.  We create premium apparel and original designs to reflect who you are and to share your faith.