Severe turbulence

On December 6, 2016 a Qatar Airways flight from Washington, D.C. to Doha hit severe turbulence and a sudden drop of elevation, damaging the plane, throwing passengers throughout the cabin, and causing massive panic and fear that life as they knew it was over. Diane and I were on this plane. The pilot spoke over the intercom telling passengers to buckle up as he was diverting coarse, dumping fuel to lighten the load and would be performing an emergency landing. The GPS Map on screen showed nothing but ocean water. Where were we going to land?! Massive panic continued to fill the cabin. Every passenger on board raised their voice to a loud cry desperately praying to God to save our lives. There was a feeling of NO HOPE.

Life memories and questions raced through our minds; What would happen to our 3 girls at home? Would they face life without their parents? We were heartbroken with the thought that we may never see them again. Why would God allow this to happen as we were en route to open the NHiM Orphanage in India? Was God with us?


We remember pleading that Jesus would protect us all with His angels, and get us safely to the ground. What seemed like an eternity later (which was about fifteen minutes), with the continued loud chorus of voices crying out and praying to God, the turbulence stopped and the pilot was able to land the damaged plane on a remote military base island in the Azores. Praise the Lord we were spared! This experience gave us a new perspective on life. A new perspective in the power of God. A new perspective on Hope. Friends, there is always Hope when we call on the name of Jesus. Let this season be a time where we as christians lead the world in the hope of humanity. We have the cure. Our hope is in Jesus.

Introducing.... EMMANUEL, God with us. Do not fear for I am with you always. Inspired by Matthew 28:20.

Matt & Diane (NHiM Founders)


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  • Lauri Mellor

    So sorry to hear your store closed at Park Meadows. Where else could you buy something and have the salesperson ask if they could pray for you? It was a special place with some special people working there. Blessings to you and the ministry.

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