NHiM x Jenessa Wait Collection

Words are more than just words. When truth is behind a statement, the words become alive, ready to take root and help us become the person we were created to be! The power of truth that lies behind this collection is what I'm most excited about! Every word, every declaration has an intentional invitation for every person wearing the pieces to get an upgrade in their beliefs about themselves and about God! You're not just wearing something beautiful- you're wearing a piece that is a window into who God is and what He's saying about you! My prayer is that through this collection you are deeply encouraged and stirred to believe once again that God is near to you in every season. Be blessed.

Hi! I'm Jenessa Wait, a hand letterer, encourager and designer based out of Austin, Texas. Lettering to me isn't just a creative outlet, but an opportunity to share truth and encouragement because hey, we all need more of that in our lives! I started my passion about 5 years ago, sort of on accident. I heard about it through a friend and quickly curiosity pulled me into a 5 year journey and has developed into a deep love for script and words!

Truth is important to me. Why? Because what we believe will impact the way we live! The only thing stopping us from pursuing all that we were created to do is ourselves. It's our mindset and the hurdles we create in our minds that most often prevent us from moving forward. When we start to actually believe the truth about who God says we are and who He is in our lives- that's when everything changes (Romans 12:2).

When I'm not creating, me and my husband are usually adventuring around the city of Austin (finding all trendy spots to eat!) , leading our young adults ministry at our church or watching some netflix during our down time. 

Check out our new collection:


-Jenessa Wait 


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